Chada Thai - Netherlands (Thai Restaurant)

We are using SAT EPOS

Chada Thai is a Thai Restaurant based in Netherlands. We heard about SAT IT Solutions from Makkal Kadai in France who gave us positive feedback on the the services and products offered by SAT IT Solutions that they are currently using. On positive recommendation, we chose to purchase SAT's EPOS system.

The EPOS is very stylish and eye-catching which makes it highly user friendly. The software is incredibly fast and easy to use which is important for the success of businesses. My staff and I are very much enjoy using the EPOS and haven't had any issues arise at all since it has been installed. If you are looking for a worthwhile EPOS then I highly suggest you to get in touch with SAT IT Solutions for EPOS systems.

You will receive a remarkable service. I sincerely thank SAT Team and hope they continue to deliver an excellent service.


AA Commercial Energy - UK (iPhone App)

This app developed by SAT Team

AA Commercial Energy is a business working to reduce your energy costs. Since we are a recently established company, we have been looking for ways to increase our business recognition. Therefore, we chose SAT IT Solutions to develop our app after seeing some of their great, useful apps on the app store which I regularly use.

We are really pleased with the app as it is simple and it is useful to our customers. The team discussed our preferences for the app such as the colour, content and also unique ideas that would be helpful for our customers. We are fortunate to have only paid £99 for a fantastic app that has provided us with benefits.

I highly recommend SAT IT Solutions to develop your business apps.

MR. Mahi

Sherwood Store - Kent(UK)

We are using SAT EPOS & CCTV

I own two convenience store both for which I chose SAT IT Solutions CCTV's and tills. It has been 2 years since I've had the products and I haven't experienced any issues at all. The team quickly solve problems on the tills via their online support. The current EPOS design is unique and perfect for us users.

I like that we regularly get the EPOS updated so it feels like using a brand new till. We also got CCTV's from them which are the latest models that makes our store appear modern. It is one of the best CCTV's around and I am glad I have it in my store. I would 100% recommend you to buy SAT's products.

MR. Deepan

IndoAfro Marget - Germany

We are using SAT EPOS & CCTV

Indo-Afro is a convenience store based in Germany. We have SAT's CCTV's and EPOS system installed. My staff and I are really happy with SAT's products and what we appreciate is the regular service that is given online when we need help and when it's time for an update.

The team are friendly and deal with your queries efficiently. If you need excellent products and a service that's reliable and excellent then SAT IT Solution will offer you that from my experience.

MR. Sridaar

Makkal Kaddai - France

We are using SAT EPOS

Makkal Kadai is a convenience store that is popular amongst the Tamil community globally. We offer a wide range of fresh Sri Lankan grocery and meat. In 2012, we were looking for an EPOS system that was user friendly and had an appealing layout. We came across SAT IT Solutions offer on the EPOS system and decided to go with them. It was installed quicker than we expected and we received a complete training on how to use it.

The team member of the company was really helpful and explained it to us clearly. It's got a user friendly interface and is simple just like we wanted it. When we have had issues whilst using it, we always receive prompt response from the team and they are quick at resolving problems even though they are at far distance. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer of SAT IT Solution and would also advice you to get an EPOS system for your store!

MR. Vijayakumar

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